Kaja Borgen (1991) is a contemporary artist and certified yoga teacher from Norway. Her artwork and yoga practice are deeply intertwined and can be seen as an extension of each other.

"Let me take you on a journey of self-discovery, where you'll learn the art of breathing, foundational yoga poses, and mindful techniques to cultivate a strong, flexible, and peaceful body and mind.

To me, yoga is about connecting to the soul and making space in the body for deeper breaths and freer movements. I believe that setting aside time to truly get to know yourself - physically, mentally, and spiritually - is one of the most beautiful, important, and valuable things you can do for yourself”.


Kaja is a previous student of Milan Art Institute and has been represented at various galleries and exhibitions. Her paintings take you beyond the visible light spectrum and represent an exploration of the universe within. Using a variety of mixed media techniques, her paintings are developed in layers and usually finished in oils.