Kaja Borgen has a 300hr Yoga Alliance Certification in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. She has also taken courses in meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction, pilates, yoga for weight loss, and more. Her clients include professional athletes, seniors, kids, and everyone in between. Kaja teaches both private sessions and larger groups, as well as yoga retreats, online classes, events, and corporate yoga.

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Original artwork

Kaja is a previous student of Milan Art Institute and has been represented at various galleries and exhibitions. Her paintings take you beyond the visible light spectrum and represent an exploration of the universe within. Using a variety of mixed media techniques, her paintings are developed in layers and usually finished in oils. 

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Online Classes

Kaja Borgen teaches online yoga classes at Miactive. Miactive is a coaching platform with thousands of community members in over 40 countries. The platform offers elite-level coaching tailored to your needs. You will find a variety of classes, including yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning.

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The Yoga Body

Through this FREE e-book, you will discover the transformative power of yoga and find your way to inner balance and strength.

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  • Irma Micaela, Professional Dancer

    If you step into a Yoga class with Kaja you are ensured to feel ten times better when you walk out. Her presence is very pleasant and with her calmness and warm heart, she will make sure everyone is seen and get the most out of the class. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced, she knows exactly how to make sure YOU feel some weight release from your shoulders. One of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever taken a class from and would recommend it to everyone whatever their goal is.

  • Sigurd Granmark, All In Academy

    Kaja has become a regular part of All In Academy's events. The feedback Kaja receives from our participants is exceptional when it comes to both her classes and Kaja as a person. Yoga with Kaja is the optimal way to recharge the batteries of our course participants after a long day at a leadership event.

  • Thanusha, Professional Dancer

    I didn’t have any experience with yoga before taking Kaja’s class. Even with coming from no experience, she made me feel safe right away.

    Through these classes, I learned the importance of yoga and body movement. I still to this day use many of her tricks to warm up and cool down my body and I feel stronger in a lot of ways! 

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Original Artwork

Original artwork by Kaja Borgen 

Prints & Posters

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