Online Classes

Kaja Borgen started her yoga journey in 2018 but has been active in sports from an early age. She started dancing and doing gymnastics at the age of six and later moved on to cheerleading where she was professionally active for several years and participated in multiple international competitions including the 2009 World Championship.

As a former athlete, Kaja is aware of the importance of stretching to prevent injuries. She also emphasizes the significant benefits yoga brings to maintain a mind-body connection, increase focus, balance, concentration, and core strength, as well as reduce stress. 

In her classes, you will learn to find stillness and make space in the body for deeper breaths and freer movements.

World class coaching

Kaja Borgen teaches online yoga classes at Miactive. Miactive is a coaching platform with thousands of community members in over 40 countries. The platform offers elite-level coaching tailored to your needs. You will find a variety of classes, including yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning.

Michael Italiano is the founder of Miactive. He is also a Formula 1 performance coach with a long list of clients, including Daniel Ricciardo, Yūki Tsunoda, and other world-class athletes.